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Scott Rose Named Greensboro Terminal Manager

Scott Rose named Eagle Transport Corporation Terminal Manager in Greensboro, NC

Eagle Transport Corporation has named Scott Rose as the terminal manager for the team in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Scott brings almost three decades of petroleum transportation industry experience to Eagle Transport. We are excited to see how he helps us grow our presence in Greensboro and how he expands his industry knowledge by working at a terminal that hauls chemicals, dry bulk, and petroleum.

“With 29 years of experience under his belt, Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role,” District Manager Mike Stevens said. “I am eager to collaborate with him and see the positive impact he will have on our Greensboro operation.”

We know that Scott’s thorough understanding of managing the operational side of our industry will make him an excellent terminal manager to serve our customers and our team members in the Greensboro market.

Please join us in welcoming Scott to the Eagle Transport team as he settles into his role as the Greensboro Terminal Manager!


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