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Eagle Transport Corporation Chemical Tanker Truck

SOAR with Eagle Transport Corporation

Eagle Transport Corporation is a professionally managed trucking company transporting liquid bulk (petroleum, chemicals, bio-fuels, and oil) in tanker trailers throughout the Southeastern United States. Driving safely is an essential responsibility. Eagle has adopted a corporate culture with safety as one of our top priorities, meaning all processes will begin with safety in mind. An attitude of prioritizing safety is not just the right thing to do economically; it is the moral thing to do.

Eagle Transport recognizes that a commitment to safety begins with the top management of our Company. Striving to maintain a safe, environmentally sound workplace for our employees and the general public will be our constant focus.

Eagle Transport's management team's objectives create responsibility for:

  • Developing consistent procedures, standards, and rules concerning the safe and efficient operation of Eagle Transport facilities and supporting, enforcing, and administering these rules in a consistent manner.

  • Operation of the business in total compliance with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

  • Investigation and pursuit of resolutions to safety problems in operations.

  • Providing counseling and training to all employees, allowing them the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to perform their jobs safely and efficiently.

With the highways and streets becoming more and more congested every year, constantly practicing good driving habits is one of the ways Eagle drivers help keep the roads safe for you and your family.

Remember: "Safety Begins With You!" 

Responsible Care Logo

The Eagle Transport Responsible Care Management System Policy

Eagle Transport is dedicated to providing excellent transportation services to our customers. This includes our performance in the areas of health, safety, security, and environmental (also known as "HSSE").

We are committed to the completion of our work processes in a way that results in zero incidents, full compliance with all relevant legal and other requirements, compliance to all of the Responsible Care Guiding Principles, and the continual improvement of HSSE processes. This includes involvement and engagement of all of our stakeholders including our employees, customers, contractors and suppliers.

Our senior management team has participated in the development of and fully supports this Policy statement. The endorsement of senior management is indicated by their signature of posted copies of the Eagle Transport RCMS Policy in all of Eagle's chemical terminals and at the corporate office in Rocky Mount, NC.

Senior management and Eagle's RCMS management team participate in periodic reviews of the Responsible Care Management System with particular focus on goals, objectives and targets, which will result in the Continual Improvement of HSSE performance.

Our Award-Winning Commitment to Health, Safety, Security
& the Environment

Responsible Care is a global initiative that began in Canada in 1984, was enacted by the U.S. chemical industry in 1988, and today is practiced in 68 economies around the world. Participation in Responsible Care is a condition of membership for ACC Members and Responsible Care Partner companies, all of which have made CEO-level commitments to uphold the program elements.

The Responsible Care Guiding Principles are at the heart of the Responsible Care commitment—through these principles, members and Partners pledge to improve health, safety, security and the environment (HSSE) performance for facilities, processes and products throughout the entire operating system.

Companies also are committed to open and transparent reporting and undergo mandatory headquarters and facility audits to certify their performance.

Since 1988, Responsible Care has helped ACC Member and Partner companies significantly enhance their performance and improve the health and safety of their employees, the communities in which they operate and the environment as a whole.

“Responsible Care means our industry is committed to developing products that benefit society, in safe, secure, environmentally sound facilities,” said ACC President and CEO Cal Dooley. “The companies and individuals that are honored give Responsible Care its credibility and strength – they are leaders in driving continuous improvement in the safety and sustainability of our industry’s products and operations.”

Each year, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) recognizes chemical industry leaders for their exceptional health, safety, security and environmental (HSSE) performance and commitment to sound chemicals management.


Responsible Care award winners qualify based on exemplary performance and are selected by a committee made up of internal and external experts.

The Responsible Care Partner of the Year Award recognizes the superb performance and safety record of companies involved in the distribution, transportation, storage, use, treatment, disposal and/or sales and marketing of chemicals. We were honored to receive the 2018 Responsible Care Partner of the Year Award.

Eagle joined the American Chemistry Council in November 2012 and has been Responsible Care Certified since 2015. For more information on Responsible Care, please visit:

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