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Eagle prides itself on one of its most significant assets - flexibility in providing services and solutions for our customers. From order creation to accounts receivables, the technology that our team utilizes allows us to communicate and integrate with our customers and vendors to provide the best results. We offer solutions that make the entire transaction more efficient and cost-effective for our customers. Eagle can provide and receive information for unlimited platforms.

Eagle Technology allows us to provide

  • Dynamic Dispatch

  • Load Status Updates and ETA data

  • Robust Inventory Management

  • Electronic BOL Imaging

  • Customer Specific Reporting based on requirements

  • High Availability – over 99.9999% uptime

Eagle WebAccess Portal provides

  • Encrypted Secure Access to Billing Information

  • Image Viewing – Proof of Collection and Proof of Delivery

  • Dispatch Board with Load Status Updates

  • Inventory Levels and In Tank Report

Eagle Technology Partners

Platform Science: On-board communication, Driver Workflow, Fleet Management
Lytx: Safety Camera System
Doran: Tire Pressure Monitoring
Mimix / IBM: High Availability
Detroit Assistance: Collision Avoidance/Lane Departure
Meritor OnGuard: Collision Avoidance/Lane Departure

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