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Herb Evans Elected 76th Chairman of NTTC

National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) announces the appointment of Herb Evans, Eagle Transport Corporation, as the 76th Chairman of the association, elected on May 23, 2023 during NTTC’s Annual Conference & Exhibits. In this role, Evans will lead the NTTC and its members in its mission to address industry challenges and drive continued growth and success.

Herb Evans, Vice Chairman of Eagle Transport Corporation

"I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Randy for his dedicated service and leadership," Evans said, acknowledging the outgoing chairman, Randall Clifford, of Ventura Transfer Company. "It is an immense honor to be chosen as the 76th Chairman of the National Tank Truck Carriers. I am humbled by the trust my colleagues have placed in me, especially during these challenging times."

Recognizing the industry's current landscape, Evans addressed the pressing issues faced by the tank truck industry, including driver shortages, regulatory constraints, fuel costs, and the uncertain political climate. However, he expressed optimism, emphasizing the organization's strength to overcome challenges through collaboration and unity.

"By working together, we can overcome the obstacles that lie ahead and propel our industry to even greater heights," Evans said. "The NTTC is poised to lead the way, leveraging our collective expertise and advocating for our members' interests at the national level."

With a career spanning decades in the industry, Evans brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new role as Chairman. He understands the value that the NTTC provides to its members and is committed to further enhancing the association's impact.

"Our future is bright," Evans said. "The NTTC plays a pivotal role in fostering collaboration, providing a unified voice for the industry, and delivering value to our members. I am dedicated to building upon these achievements and taking our association to new levels of success."

Under the leadership of Herb Evans, the NTTC looks forward to championing the interests of the tank truck industry, driving innovation, and navigating the evolving landscape of the transportation sector.

Chairman Evans is supported in his role by NTTC’s Executive Committee, which will serve for the 2023 – 2024 term.

NTTC 2023-2024 Executive Committee

  • Executive Committee Chair - Randy Clifford

  • NTTC Chairman of the Board - Herb Evans

  • First Vice-Chair - Michael Salz

  • Vice-Chair - J. Ward Best

  • Vice-Chair - David Price

  • Secretary - Jeremy Mairs

  • Treasurer - Matt Faure

  • At-Large - Greg Hodgen

  • At-Large - Grant Mitchell

  • At-Large - Patrick Usher

  • Nominating Committee Chair - Rob Sandlin

  • Audit Committee Chair - Harold Sumerford, Jr.

  • Advocacy Committee Chair - John Whittington

  • Young Executives Committee Chair - Marshall Franklin

  • President & CEO - Ryan Streblow

National Tank Truck Carriers is a nonprofit nonpartisan trade association that represents over 500 members from the tank truck industry operating in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. For-hire carrier and private fleet members deliver vital and often-hazardous bulk commodities such as petroleum products, food and beverage, plastics, chemicals, minerals, and cryogenics. The association champions safety and success for the tank truck community through advocacy and education.


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