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Four Tips to Take Better Care of Your Heart

Any day is a good day to discuss heart health, but February is dedicated to learning about heart disease and caring for your heart. According to the CDC, truck drivers have higher rates of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity compared to U.S. adult workers in other professions.

We know that prolonged periods of sitting combined with a lack of access to healthy foods and working in a high-stress environment can negatively impact overall health. There are so many ways to make small daily shifts to work towards better health, but here are four ideas to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle today!

Incorporate bursts of exercise throughout the day.

Working on a tight schedule and juggling responsibilities outside work makes it hard to fit exercise into your routine. Instead of thinking of exercise as one big chunk of your day, spread short bursts of activity throughout the day. One minute of high knees, squats, and YTWs works the whole body in three minutes!

Add yoga or meditation to your day to fight stress and anxiety.

Chronic stress, anxiety, and depression can wreak havoc on your heart. Take time to quietly pray, meditate, or practice yoga to help calm your nerves. Prayer and meditation are easy to incorporate into any moment of stress – focus on your breathing, quiet your mind, and relax your muscles before reacting.

Combat large amounts of time sitting by standing when you can.

Whether behind a desk or the wheel of a truck, sitting for most of your day can negatively impact your overall health. When you have to spend time sitting, take regular standing or walking breaks, whether around the office, the terminal, or your truck.

Focus on improving your sleep quality.

When you work long or irregular hours, it can feel impossible to prioritize your sleep. One easy way to improve your sleep is to limit your screen time as you get closer to bedtime to allow your body to relax into sleep quickly and easily. Incorporating meditation into your night routine can also help you fall asleep faster.

We advocate that everyone should stay on top of their annual doctor’s visits to monitor their heart health and catch any potential issues as early as possible. Talk with your doctor about your risk of heart disease or other health concerns, and work with your doctor to develop a plan to help you meet and maintain your wellness goals.

Eagle Transport Corporation recognizes the impact of overall wellness on our employee’s job satisfaction and quality of life. Each of our terminals and corporate office has a wellness champion to lead their local team toward a healthier lifestyle through movement, better food choices, and positive mental health practices. We lean on each other through competition and challenges to support our wellness goals and celebrate wins as a team.

If this sounds like a team you want to join, visit our Online Career Center to learn more about opportunities in your area!


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