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Rob Kamsch Promoted to Field Safety Manager at Eagle Transport Corporation

Eagle Transport Corporation is proud to announce the promotion of Rob Kamsch of Greensboro to Regional Field Safety Manager.

Rob joined the Eagle Transport team as a Petroleum Driver in 2014 and then transitioned to a Chemical Driver after training with our team in Kingsport, TN. In 2020, Robert became a Lead Driver, Driver Trainer, and Operations Manager for our team in Houston, Texas.

Before his promotion, Rob served the Eagle Transport community in Greensboro, NC, by growing his skills in the logistics industry and continuing to train drivers with a safety-first mindset.

“With his years of experience in Eagle’s operations and training programs, Rob is a natural choice to promote and support our SOAR program,” Vice President of Safety Bree Bryant said. “We are excited to have him join our Safety Team.”

Prior to joining the Eagle Transport team, Rob was Executive Vice-President of Sales for the Aviation Unlimited Association, developing national sales strategy and branding. Rob is also the Past President of the Experimental Aircraft Association (Chapter 8), dedicated to encouraging aviation enthusiasm in younger generations.

Please join us in celebrating Rob’s accomplishments as he begins a new chapter with his Eagle Transport team!


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