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Honoring the 2021 Safety Award Recipients

We're honored to recognize 14 professional drivers for outstanding performance and reaching President’s Million Mile Club status. This extraordinary achievement takes ten years of driving without a preventable accident.

Special recognition goes to our new Two-Million Mile members for achieving two million safe miles in an Eagle truck without a preventable crash (that’s 20 years!). This is truly excellent work by all of our President’s Million Mile Club members. It is an honor to work with these men who are leaders not only here at Eagle, but industry leaders.

2021 President’s Million Mile Club TWO Million Mile Inductees

  • Marvin Haner, Richmond

  • Jose Pineda, Salisbury

  • Earl Allen, Knoxville

  • Chris Leiphart, Tampa

2021 President’s Million Mile Club Inductees

  • Charles Lacek, Roanoke

  • Jason Fonseca, N Augusta

  • Jason Walstrom, Charleston

  • Kelvin Eison, Spartanburg

  • Troy Gibson, Spartanburg

  • Sterling Chappell, Selma

  • Cornelius Jones, Selma

  • Anthony Poole, Greensboro

  • Thomas Bass, Tampa

  • Michael Hafemeister, Tampa

  • Micah Steele, Tampa

  • Orlando Figueroa, Tampa

  • Lucious Harrison, Tampa

  • Arthur Holderlin, Pt Everglades

2021 Terminal Superlative Honors

Safest Terminal Teams of 2021
  1. Kingsport

  2. Selma

  3. Salisbury

  4. Tampa

  5. Roanoke

Most Improved Safety Rank
  • Spartanburg

SOAR Terminal Goals: Gold Eagle – Achieving all 4 Goals
  • Kingsport

  • Selma

Lowest Overall Crash Frequency (Preventable and Non-Preventable)
  • Kingsport

Lowest Preventable Crash Frequency
  • Kingsport

Best DriveCam Coaching Effectiveness
  • North Augusta

Best Petroleum Product Handling Frequency
  • Salisbury

Best Overall Petroleum Product Mixture Prevention
  • Salisbury: ZERO Mixtures

Best Distillate Mixture Prevention – Tied with ZERO Distillate Mixtures!
  • Chesapeake

  • Jacksonville

  • Salisbury

  • Selma

  • Spartanburg

Best Workplace Safety Record – Tied with ZERO Injuries!
  • Charlotte

  • Kingsport

  • Roanoke

  • Salisbury

Lowest Average Driver VRM Index Score
  • Selma


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