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Photo Gallery: April Safety Awards

Eagle Transport Corporation is honored to recognize so many team members for practicing safe driving, loading, and unloading during 2021. You can click here to read the list of all 2021 Presidents Million Mile Club Inductees and Safety Awards.

If you are looking for pictures of a specific terminal, please click your location from the list below to view your photo gallery.

Is this list missing your terminal? We began our safety celebrations in March, and you can view those photos in our March safety awards gallery.


Chattanooga, Tennessee

Remember, the more grounded you are in safety, the higher you SOAR! Chattanooga, Tennessee, earned the Golden Scully Award as last place in our safest terminal of the year rankings. We appreciate the effort each member of our Eagle team takes to become safer every day.


Chesapeake, Virginia

Congratulations to our Eagle team members in Chesapeake, Virginia, for earning Best Distillate Mixture Prevention, tied with ZERO distillate mixtures!


Greensboro, North Carolina

We are excited to celebrate our safety award winners from our terminal in Greensboro, North Carolina. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to safety!


Kingsport, Tennessee

Congratulations to our Kingsport Eagle family for earning the Safest Terminal of the Year award! They also earned the Gold Eagle Award for reaching all four of their SOAR terminal goals. Throughout 2021, Kingsport had the lowest overall crash frequency and the lowest preventable crash frequency. Our Kingsport, Tennessee team earned the best workplace safety record, tying with ZERO injuries.


Knoxville, Tennessee

We are excited to celebrate the safe drivers from our Knoxville, Tennessee terminal. Thank you for being a part of the Eagle family!


Nashville, Tennessee

Congratulations to our Eagle Transport Corporation family members at our terminal in Nashville, Tennessee! Thank you for being so committed to safety.


Richmond, Virginia

We appreciate our safe drivers from our Richmond, Virginia terminal. Thank you for being a part of the Eagle family!


Roanoke, Virginia

Congratulations to our Roanoke Eagle Family for earning the fifth Safest Terminal of the Year and Best Workplace Safety Record – Tied with ZERO Injuries!

Photos pending.


Salisbury, Maryland

We are excited to honor Salisbury, Maryland, as our Terminal of the Year! Our team members in Salisbury also earned third Safest Terminal of the Year, Best Petroleum Product Handling Frequency, and Best Workplace Safety Record, tied with ZERO injuries!. Our Salisbury, Maryland drivers earned Best Overall Petroleum Product Mixture Prevention with ZERO mixtures in 25,756 deliveries and Best Distillate Mixture Prevention, tied with ZERO distillate mixtures!


Thank you to all Eagle Transportation Corporation family members for making 2021 an excellent year of safety at our terminals!

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