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Eagle Transport Names Brian Bell Operations Manager in Knoxville

Eagle Transport is proud to announce Brian Bell's promotion to Operations Manager at our terminal in Knoxville, Tennessee.


“Brian has been an asset to Eagle from day one,” District Manager Tim Crane said. “His determination, positive attitude, and willingness to go above and beyond have fueled his success. Jimmy has done an excellent job mentoring Brian and preparing him to run a terminal. I am excited to see Brian take this role and cannot wait to watch him continue to grow with Eagle.”


Brian started with Eagle in 2020 as a billing clerk before becoming a dispatcher and is now earning a promotion to operations manager. Crane noted that, in his four years with Eagle, Brian has worked through difficult situations, assisted other terminals, stayed until the tasks were completed, and understood the big picture - earning the respect of his coworkers and customers by always being fair and consistent.


“He has done a great job taking ownership and helping improve our terminal in Knoxville,” Terminal Manager Jimmy Hartline said.


Please join us in celebrating Brian’s professional growth at Eagle Transport Corporation as he moves into the role of Operations Manager in Knoxville, Tennessee.


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