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WOW Award Winners: Bob Cochrane, Eddie Stegall, Andy Callahan & Eric Mandel of Charlotte Terminal

"I would like to nominate four individuals for the WOW award for the 1st quarter of 2020. On 1/28 we had a tragic accident as you know, we had several employees from terminal 36 that really went above and beyond this night. Three of these individuals were instrumental in getting the product transferred in adverse and dangerous conditions.

Thanks to them we were able to salvage part of the load from the accident, even after they got the load transferred, they stayed to assist our mechanic in preparing the wrecked unit to be removed from the site. All Eagle equipment was off the accident site by midnight, this allowed emergency personnel to continue to clean the site with our equipment out of the way.

I have no doubt that their presence helped reduce negative impact to an already dire situation. The three individuals are Bob Cochrane, Eddie Stegall, Andy Callahan. Shop foreman Eric Mandel stayed late so that we would shop support from the terminal if we needed anything and pulled all of the necessary records so that we would have them first thing in the morning.” Mike Lucas, Charlotte TM

Bob Cochrane

Eddie Stegall

Andy Callahan

Eric Mandell

Each winner received an award certificate plus $100 gift card. Each of them represents Eagle extremely well by exhibiting excellence in different ways within the SOAR concept. Remember Safe Operations Avoid Risks!! Great Job Everyone; Keep up the Good Work!


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