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"WOW" Award Winner - Jason Fonseca, North Augusta Terminal

We are proud of our recent winner of the “WOW” award (“What Outstanding Work”), Jason Fonseca of the North Augusta Terminal.

“Although he prefers to stay out of the limelight and work in the darkness of night, North Augusta Driver Jason Fonseca is the shining star employee who brightens the night shift with his knowledge, caring for customers, and eagerness to assist his fellow drivers in any way possible. Tonight, Jason went above and beyond again.

First, he went to the rescue of a new driver that had run out of Hours of Service on the Road. Later, when he delivered to a customer location, he noticed that they were low on ULSD. (There had been a diesel supply shortage the past few days.) Jason remembered that he had seen supply available at a terminal. Few drivers are carded at that terminal as we do not pull from that terminal very often. Jason called the Charlotte Call Center and volunteered to run an extra load of Diesel.

Even though Jason could have gone home as he had a trainee, he had already worked more than enough hours, Jason still offered to deliver a load of Diesel. Jason not only put our customer first, but in doing so, set a good example for his trainee to follow. This is a typical night for Jason Fonseca. I call Jason my “firefighter” as every night he is always there to answer any questions, assist other drivers, extinguish any urgent situations and resolve issues we might have. Someday, I would like to replace his tank gauging stick with a numbered Pike Pole.”

We are thankful to have you on the Eagle team!


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