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"WOW" Award Winner - Cameron Choat, Nashville Terminal

We are proud of our recent winner of the “WOW” award (“What Outstanding Work”), Cameron Choate of the Nashville Terminal.

“Choate witnessed a collision where someone merged into another carrier’s truck because they were missing their exit. Of course, the claimant tried to say that the professional driver sideswiped him when in fact the driver maintained his lane of travel. Choate had a load so he could not stop but he reached out to their company and volunteered to be a witness to confirm their driver did nothing wrong. He told them he is willing to testify in the future if needed. The safety guy knew we have DriveCam and asked if we happened to have the event captured.

Choate triggered an event so we were able to provide a copy of the video including the accident to the carrier in order to defend their company and their driver. Choate’s willingness to go above and beyond to defend another driver speaks volumes in the litigious world we live in today. We can totally relate to highly questionable claims pursued with conflicting statements and it was great to be able to assist a fellow trucking company and driver.”

We are thankful to have you on the Eagle team!


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