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Two Employees earn Q2 WOW Award Honors

Congratulations to Lance Felker of Charlotte/Spartanburg and Sandy Harris of the corporate office, our Q2 WOW (What Outstanding Work) Award Winners!

Lance's WOW nominator shared:

“I’d like to nominate Lance Felker for the WOW award. He has gone above board on handling a top 5 account GPM with daily communication on both Charlotte and Spartanburg markets. His actions have dramatically helped our relationship with GPM. Daily communication without customers reaching out to us first. Being proactive instead reactive - it’s made a big difference in the customers' attitude towards Eagle in this market.”

Sandy's WOW nominator shared:

“I would like to nominate Sandy Harris for the WOW award. Sandy worked tirelessly week after week ‘months really’ to ensure a flawless first payroll with Paycom. Her attention to detail and persistence was key in our success. She did all of this while maintaining a positive attitude, putting Eagle first, and still achieving her day-to-day‘ normal job’ duties. She accepted the challenge of implementing a new payroll/HRIS system without hesitation and, as evidenced by some video… even sang a Christmas Carol in hopes Paycom would be under our Eagle Tree.

She may not be out in the field or driving a truck – but she pays our drivers and everyone else without fail week after week and often does so at the sacrifice of part or all of her weekends…why because she loves Eagle and she believes in Eagle.”

Do you know an Eagle Employee who has done outstanding work within the concept of our safety-focused SOAR Program? Nominate them for a WOW Award! If the nominee is selected, they will receive a certificate of recognition and $100! Email your nominations to


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