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Salisbury, Safest Terminal of the Year!

The most distinguished award a terminal at Eagle Transport can earn is Safest Terminal of the Year (STOY). The 2020 honor goes to our operation in Salisbury, MD managed by Matt Propper! To earn STOY the terminal has to meet specific safety goals and be best in class in several. As always the rankings at the top were close but in the end the Salisbury team SOARED! On March 16th we made it official by presenting the awards and gifts to the team. Congratulations Team Salisbury!

From the left is Ronnie McCoy ( Field Safety Manager), Don Ewalt ( District Manager), Johnnie Kinder ( Professional Driver), Matt Propper ( Facility Manager), Bree Bryant ( VP- Safety and Compliance) and almost out of the picture Zach Rinck ( Operations Manager).


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