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Q1 "WOW" Award Winner - Forrest Williams, Salisbury Terminal

We are proud of our recent winner of the “WOW” award (“What Outstanding Work”), Forrest Williams of the Salisbury Terminal

One of the Salisbury PMMC/Driver Trainers has uploaded all (90%) of their Customer Info Sheets and tank charts onto The Cloud, via Google Drive. He has provided this flyer and offered anyone who will contact him and provide a Gmail address access to them. He has taken on the responsibility for getting this done personally, on his own time. He has taken the extra steps to make them available for everyone to use. He has vowed to keep it up-to-date and is welcoming feedback for improving it. As you probably know, this is something we’ve discussed for years now, but have not been able to make happen. Bree, I’d like to nominate Forrest Williams for the WOW!!! Award, for going above and beyond to make this valuable resource available to all of his coworkers.

We are thankful to have you on the Eagle team!

Forrest Williams, pictured with Matt Propper


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