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Congratulations to our Q4 WOW Award Winner

We are excited to recognize Dwayne Moore for his outstanding work in the fourth quarter of 2022! Dwayne served our terminal in Richmond at the time of his nomination and has since transferred to the terminal in Jacksonville.

“I would like to nominate Dwayne Moore for a WOW award. On the morning of 10/14/2022, Dwayne arrived at a customer’s site in Richmond. Upon pulling into the store, he noticed there was a car parked on the drops. He noticed that the driver was slumped over and immediately called 911 for emergency assistance. Upon the arrival of police and medical, it was determined that the driver had overdosed. The driver received medical attention and was revived. If not for Dwayne’s quick thinking to call emergency personnel, this could have become a very tragic event for the person involved and their family. Dwayne stood by until the situation was cleared, made his delivery, and continued to finish his night.”

Do you know an Eagle Employee who has done outstanding work within the concept of our safety-focused SOAR Program? Nominate them for a WOW Award! Submit your nominations through the Eagle Rewards Awardco platform.


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