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Five Employees Earn Q3 WOW Award Honors

We are excited to recognize five employees for outstanding work in the third quarter of 2022! Our drivers embody our SOAR principle by checking and double-checking tank sizes when unsure, our fleet service technicians step up to support their terminal, and our management team rolls up their sleeves to provide extra leadership where needed.

Alondis Gilmore from Selma, NC

“Our driver arrived at a site he has never been to in Weldon, NC. Once there, he realized the CIS sheet did not match the store delivery layout. He stuck all tanks, and none of the stick readings matched the Veeder-Root. So, he stopped and called me. We talked through each tank stick readings and matched them to the store's polling system to get an idea of which tank was what. We could easily identify the DSL & KERO tanks. So, we were good there. Once we felt we had an idea which tank was what, I called a driver trainer and asked if he remembered the tank layout. He agreed with us – from the curb, it was DSL, PREM, UNL, UNL, then KERO. However, the vendor painted it DSL, UNL, PREM, UNL, then KERO.”

Matt Routh and Jared Vargo from Greensboro, NC

“I would like to submit Matt Routh and Jarred Vargo for WOW awards. They both went above and beyond to assist with resolving the trailer/water issue. They were instrumental in helping identify the mechanical issues and assisting with the additional testing required for our root cause investigation. They completed all this extra work while running the shop in Greensboro without a shop foreman. They should be recognized for the additional effort that they gave.”

Field Safety Manager Shane McCorkle

“I would like to nominate Shane McCorkle for the WOW Award. Shane went above and beyond in taking ownership of multiple incidents out of the Greensboro terminal. He did an outstanding job communicating within Eagle and with the customers involved in these trailer/water issues.”

Michael Dodson from Nashville, TN

“I would like to nominate Michael Dodson for the WOW award. On July 13th

Michael Dodson had a load for 8800 gallons of 90 rec fuel. When Michael arrived at the station and stuck the tank, he noticed the inches did not match the Veeder-Root. He stopped and called dispatch immediately. The customer's website showed the tank would hold 16,134, but according to the stick readings, it would only hold 6,000. Dispatch called the customer, and they found an issue with the Veeder-Root, which switched the 90 rec fuel and the 93e10 tanks in the system. If Michael didn’t double and triple check the tanks and the Veeder-Root, we would’ve had a cross drop and possibly a spill.”

Do you know an Eagle Employee who has done outstanding work within the concept of our safety-focused SOAR Program? Nominate them for a WOW Award! If the nominee is selected, they will receive a certificate of recognition and $100! Email your nominations to


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