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"WOW" Award Winner - Dee Ramsey, Charlotte Terminal

We are proud of our recent winner of the “WOW” award (“What Outstanding Work”), Dee Ramsey of the Charlotte Terminal.

“I would like to nominate Dee for a WOW award. I know this is just an email thanks for her but as you know the New Dispatcher, we hired in Spartanburg was training in N. Augusta and it was her husband that was killed in the accident and Dee did an outstanding job. See email below.”


We received a call from another carrier. He wanted to express his gratitude for assisting him during the tragic situation that his company and ours had to deal with. The phone calls that you made to reach the wife of the driver involved in the accident was a tremendous help.

This was a tough position that you were put in but you handled it well and represented the kind of teamwork and support we all should show when things like this happen. Thank you for your compassion and representation of Eagle Transport”.

We are thankful to have you on the Eagle team!

#WeAreEagle #SOARwithEagle #EagleTransport #EagleTransportCorp #ETC

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