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Q3 "WOW" Award Winners

Our Q3 “WOW” Award Winners represent Eagle extremely well by exhibiting excellence in different ways within the SOAR concept. Congrats to our winners and the other nominees for a job well done – way to SOAR!!

Andrew Rose – Salisbury

“I would like to nominate Andrew Rose for a 3rd quarter WOW award, for his actions in dealing with a Shore Stop customer at store 282 on July 3rd. So many times as a manager I am dealing with the public’s negative experience to an Eagle truck or driver. Often, our drivers are in a hurry, driving fast or unsafe, and sometimes rude or short with others; especially during the heavily traveled holidays. These negative experiences are never a pleasure to deal with and do not show the customer service our drivers and staff at Eagle are known for. So it is a pleasure to receive a motorist compliment. She praised Andrew for his kindness and patience while her car was disabled with a flat tire and parked over the tank fills at the station. She knew that she was holding him up from completing his job but he showed understanding and made her feel safe.”

David Bogard – Jacksonville

“I’d like to nominate David Bogard for a WOW award. Friday night he witnessed a car making contact with trees. He did not see what if anything in particular caused the accident to happen. He knew it was bad so he stopped to assist. While the outcome was not favorable, David went above and beyond by helping others at a catastrophic accident scene. The backseat passenger would not have made it to the hospital alive without David’s assistance. He is an angel among us.”

Other Nominees Received: Ron Jones - Chattanooga


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