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Kingsport Terminal Receives Carmeuse Launch Partner Award

Congratulations to our Kingsport terminal for receiving this award from Carmeuse as a new launch partner, during the implementation of their new online ordering system.

“Last October Carmeuse asked us if we would start ordering our lime online,” Operations Manager Jamie McClellan said. “I had a training session, but something in the system wasn’t set up correctly. So, I was given a five-minute crash course on how to order lime, and right after that made my first order online. I was very nervous and had no idea we were the first group to do this.” The order went through correctly, and instead of emailing their order to the facility, Kingsport has been ordering their lime online ever since.

In August, the Kingsport terminal received a very large package and opened it up to see this beautiful piece of engraved limestone from Carmeuse expressing their gratitude. This award from Carmeuse was titled “My Carmeuse Launch Partner.”

Way to go, Jaime and everyone at Kingsport for tackling this challenge and being the first to do it! What an awesome job!


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