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Josh Hicks Wins "WOW" Award

We are proud of our recent winner of the “WOW” award (“What Outstanding Work”), Josh Hicks.

I received a call this morning and the caller wanted to let us know that our driver Josh Hicks was a very exceptional driver who went out of his way to make sure that his wife and son were safe and okay after a small incident in VA. His son (who just got his permit) was driving with this mom had just passed our truck on the 4 lane highway. When they had gotten in front of our driver, there was a car heading toward them in the wrong lane. The boy was able to avoid the car and came to stop on the side of the road after almost losing control of the car. Josh was able to avoid hitting them as well. He pulled over on the side of the road to check on the people in the car. Luckily they were ok, just shook up a bit. They were very happy that Josh stopped to check on them. Steve stated that most truck drivers would have just blown at them for almost being hit and continue. He said that Josh stayed with them until he knew they were okay to continue.

We are thankful to have you on the Eagle team!


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