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James Cline & Joshua Britton Recognized as WOW Award Winners

L: James Cline & Manager Ben Fiore of Tampa, FL and R: Joshua Britton of Knoxville, TN

Congratulations to James Cline of Tampa and Joshua Britton of Knoxville, our Q4 WOW (What Outstanding Work) Award Winners! They represent Eagle extremely well by exhibiting excellence within the SOAR concept. Their nominees shared:

James Cline – Tampa

James Cline was driving a loaded Eagle unit on I-4 near 50th street in Tampa. His experience, driving skills, and attentiveness were put to the ultimate test when a suspected drunk driver caused a fiery crash. James noticed the burning vehicle coming from his left and maneuvered towards the shoulder to avoid being hit as it came into his lane. As the car crossed in front to its ultimate resting spot on the shoulder, he maintained control of the fully loaded truck as he maneuvered around the car and back to the travel lanes.

After James was stopped, he ran back and attempted to offer assistance until first responders arrived. James should be recognized for his actions both in and out of the truck. I have no doubt that if he had reacted in any way different this would have gone from a tragic crash to a catastrophic one.

Joshua Britton – Knoxville

Josh Britton was on the interstate and a traffic crash happened in front of him. One of the vehicles was disabled in our driver’s lane. Only because he was driving Smith, he was able to avoid being involved in the initial crash and was able to prevent a secondary crash with the disabled vehicle. He did everything that we hope all of our drivers are doing. His commitment to safe driving and utilization of the Smith Driving System prevented a serious accident.

Do you know an Eagle Employee who has done outstanding work within the concept of our Eagle safety-focused SOAR Program? Nominate them for a WOW Award! If the nominee is selected, he or she will receive a Certificate of Recognition and $100! Submit your nominations by email to


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