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Eagle Transport Corporation Receives EPA SmartWay Excellence Award

L: Trase Jones, Eagle Transport Specialty Product Marketing Manager, and R: SmartWay Excellence Award

Eagle Transport Corporation has been named by the Environmental Protection Agency as a recipient of the 2021 SmartWay Excellence Award. The 2021 SmartWay Excellence Awards program for shippers, logistics companies and freight carriers is a recognition program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) SmartWay Transport Partnership. SmartWay is a market-driven Partnership that helps companies benchmark freight performance, make informed decisions that drive sustainable supply chains, aims to reduce emissions and fosters the development of a cleaner and more efficient freight supply chain.

Through the SmartWay Excellence Award program, EPA recognizes leading shippers, logistics companies and freight carriers that are optimizing the environmental performance and efficiency of their freight operations, while serving as role models for other businesses

to follow. This year we are recognizing 72 companies (ten shippers, two logistics companies, three multimodals and 57 truck carriers) with a 2021 SmartWay Excellence Award. This represents about the top one to two percent of all SmartWay Partners.


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