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Driver Silahoudine Diallo Recognized for Assisting Motorist in Gainesville, FL

Silahoudine Diallo awarded a certificate of recognition and a $25 gift card from Terminal Manager, Kevin Rathbun.

Congratulations to Driver Silahoudine Diallo from the Jacksonville terminal, after receiving this written submission of recognition and thanks from Florida Driver, Lisa. Kevin Rathbun presented a special recognition certificate and gift card to Diallo for his act of service. Her letter of thanks is included below.

"Hi, I wanted to share my experience with one of your drivers this afternoon in Gainesville. I am actually not sure if his truck was out of Orlando, Tampa, Or Jacksonville, but if you could forward this on to the appropriate office, I would appreciate it.

I was putting air in my tires and having some trouble with the machine at a Circle K on SW 20th Ave in Gainesville. One of your drivers, his name starts with a D, was there preparing to fill the tanks. I approached him and asked if he would be able to help me when he was finished. He graciously responded and could not have been any nicer. Thanks to him my tires are full and so is my heart. I hope you are able to share with him how much his good deed meant and I wanted to let you know how positively his actions reflect upon your company.

Thank you and please pass on my appreciation to him again.


Thank you, Silahoudine, for your continued commitment to safety and for this wonderful act of kindness!


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