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Carlton "Buck" Williams Receives Eagle Transport WOW Award

Congratulations to Driver Carlton "Buck" Williams of our Richmond, VA terminal for receiving the Eagle Transport WOW Award. His quick response and actions saved the life of an injured woman. Learn more from his nomination submission below:

“I would like to nominate Carlton “Buck” Williams #12830 for Eagle Transport’s WOW award. This morning around 0130 hours, Buck had just finished delivering his 3rd load on Midlothian Turnpike and was returning back to load his 4th. As he was heading towards to get on the Chippenham Parkway, he noticed an object in the road and immediately applied his brakes. The object was a female laying in the roadway in two lanes of traffic in need of immediate medical assistance. Buck called 911 and relayed the information to the dispatcher to send police and medical personnel. Buck and another citizen waved off traffic to help protect the person until authorities could arrive and render aide. With Buck’s attention to his surrounds and “always keeping an eye out” helped prevent a terrible situation from becoming a horrific one. After giving authorities all the information he had, he continued his shift. For this, I would like to nominate Carlton Williams for the Eagle Transports WOW award. “

Thank you, Buck, for your continued commitment to safety and to all drivers on the road!


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