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Motorist Compliment for Tony Smiddy | Knoxville

“Tony, a driver for Swift Transportation, called because our driver really got his attention this morning. They were both heading north on 75. He was a couple vehicles behind our driver. Tony said that he usually tries to hang back and away from tankers because some drivers will drive them like they're operating a small car. He was so impressed with everything our driver was doing. Tony stated that after being behind our driver for about five minutes, he couldn't believe his eyes.

Our driver was very mindful of everything and everyone around him and what he was carrying. He said it didn't matter if they were going uphill or downhill, our driver was in total control of the truck. He was able to make the truck do the same thing every time no matter the road conditions. He said this is true professionalism. He was most impressed when they were going along and our driver turned on his four ways. He was wondering what was going on because he couldn't see ahead. Our driver was warning him ahead of time that he would be slowing down. This gave Tony plenty of time to move over safely before traffic got too heavy.

After this occurred, Tony said that he had to call to make us aware of how truly courteous and professional our driver was to him and all the other motorist traveling with them. Jimmy please identify the driver for this Motorist Compliment. We would like to recognize him with a Certificate of Appreciation and a Gift Card. This was a great way to start Friday!!! Best call I've had in a while!!!

Tondra Nickerson

Safety & Compliance Analyst

Picture (Left to Right): Jimmy Hartline, Chris Smiddy, Tim Collier


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