Healthy Snacks For You On The Road or In The Office

We are living in a time where more than 80 percent of Americans fail to eat the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. While most Americans will say they have a healthy diet, in reality, their refrigerators and pantry’s are full of junk food. Our highways across the country are not much different. What do you see at just about every exit? McDonalds, Taco Bells, Chick-fil-As etc. Yes these fast food restaurants ignite your appetite and make it easy for you to grab a quick meal or snack and be on your way but these food options are full of empty calories that will cause you to gain excessive weight and are comprised of carbohydrates, sugars and trans fats. A proper intake of carbs and sugars is not entirely bad for you if you consume them within reason. However, if your everyday afternoon or late night snack consists of a bag of potato chips, a homemade double chocolate fudge brownie and a soda then you might have more future complications than just your waist line expanding!

How can I eat healthy on the road and live a healthier lifestyle? You’d be surprised at what you can snack on throughout the day while driving or working at the office that doesn’t demand the need of an oven or freezer to stay fresh and lean. All you have to do is grab a small cooler, fill it with ice and pack healthy and protein-rich snacks from the list below!


Healthy Snacks


Fruits (Apples, Grapes, Bananas, Strawberries, Blueberries, Pineapple, etc.) 


Veggies with Hummus 


Hard Boiled Eggs 


Mixed Nuts 


Yogurt  with Granola/Berries


Veggie Wraps 


Beef or Turkey Jerky 


Tuna Pouch




Peanut Butter 




Celery Sticks (with Buffalo Chicken Dip) 


Oatmeal Balls


Protein Bar