Check out Lance Collette, our President and Chief Operating Officer being featured on the cover of “Tarheel Wheels”! Lance is not only our leader here at Eagle Transport, but was also  recently inducted as Chairman of the North Carolina Trucking Association (NCTA) this past July.

For those of you who don’t know, the NCTA, active since 1929, is a non-profit association representing the interest of the trucking industry. The NCTA serves as our voice in transportation and other public policy issues.

Before Lance became Chairman of the NCTA, he was part of a NCTA working group that collaborated with the North Carolina Board of Community Colleges to create a new degree program called “Trucking Operations Management”. The goal for this working group is not only to promote the degree within the transportation industry, but also to reach out to high schools and community colleges to encourage students to enter this degree program. Our industry needs skilled people to manage in transportation, and this is a great way to let students know that transporation is a growing, vibrant industry. The NCTA  is excited about the future of the industry, and believes new & fresh ideas like this will play a huge role in the success of many businesses.

Lance is very humble and really doesn’t like to be in the limelight, but we want to take a moment to commend him on his newest role as Chairman of the NCTA, and to let him know that we at Eagle are VERY proud of him. We’re glad to call him our own!