With great pride I would like to congratulate Mike Stevens and all of the Selma terminal for being Eagle Transport’s 2016 Terminal of the Year!!  It takes a team to make this happen and everyone in the terminal should be extremely proud of their accomplishment!!!  Take time to congratulate them all!!! We will have a HUGE celebration very soon to show appreciation for all the hard work and dedication that was given this past year!

Now to understand how this works- a little “schooling”, if you will……

.  There are six categories that are reviewed.  Remember that this is like playing golf, lowest score wins.  All twenty terminals are ranked from best to worst (1 being the best & 20 being the worst).  Then the points are calculated with the six different categories.

  • Safety
    • Most important category of all
      • Yes Bree, Operations and Safety do agree!!!
    • Weight of 30 points
  • Profit
    • Second most important category
    • To get to profit you take the earnings (or loss) for the year and add safety cost back in.
      • This way a terminal is not penalized for safety twice.
    • Weight of 20 points
  • Operating Ratio
    • Just use the operating ratio for the terminal for the year!
    • Lowest operating ratio scores the best!
    • Weight of 20 points
  • Load Count Growth
    • Take load count from the previous year vs. this year
    • This gives you a percentage of growth
    • Highest growth percentage wins!
    • Weight of 10 points
  • Loads per Truck
    • Loads hauled per truck assigned to a terminal
    • Using 2015 vs. 2016
    • Highest percentage of increase wins!
    • Weight of 10 points
  • Utilization
    • Miles per truck per month
    • Using 2015 vs. 2016
    • Highest percentage of increase wins!
    • Weight of 10 points

Once all scores are calculated, we have to take the “Proffitt Factor” into account.  In doing this, we remove the highest score from the last three categories.  This helps a terminal that did extremely well in one of those three categories last year and does not penalize them this year.