Transporting Petroleum & Chemicals Responsibly for Over 40 Years

For over 40 years, Eagle Transport Corporation continues to strive for the goals of our Mission Statement...”To Be The Best!”  The management team at Eagle is constantly looking to and planning for the future by developing ways to improve the company and its services for our customers and our employees. 

Headquartered in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Eagle Transport now owns over 440 power units, with 22 terminals located throughout the eastern United States from Delaware to South Florida and west to Nashville, TN. 

With only four trucks, Eagle Transport began in 1969 and has enjoyed steady growth annually.  Through the sound and forward-thinking guidance of our founder/majority owner and Chairman, Don Stallings, Eagle has prospered through smart expansion and acquisitions. First moving into Tidewater Virginia, and then expanding throughout the Carolinas and Florida in the mid-80s, Eagle has seized upon opportunity for smart growth. This emphasis on controlled expansion is evident in all undertakings, whether entering new market areas, or increasing service and efficiency through improved equipment and technology.

Eagle has worked hard to secure itself as a leader in the tank transport industry. Even through the major system shock of interstate deregulation in 1980, and intrastate deregulation in 1995 Eagle has continued to grow at a rate averaging 12% annually through the retention of existing accounts, the acquisition of transport companies, and expansion into new markets.

Eagle customers have come to expect safe on-time deliveries of their petroleum products, allowing them to manage their businesses professionally and profitably. Our company's biggest asset is our flexibility in adapting and communicating with a diverse customer base from order creation to final delivery. Our close partnership with customers allows us to schedule deliveries whenever they are most beneficial, creating true “Just in Time” delivery to maximize capital savings. Our goal is to make sure our customers have the product they need, when they need it. 

Eagle’s latest venture into the transportation of liquid and dry bulk chemicals continues its course of growth through relevant diversification.

Continuing its long tradition of smart expansion Eagle has purchased 4 cryogenic Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) trailers. LNG will become a significant alternative fuel in the US in the near future; so, as one fuel replaces another, Eagle will hold a major role in the new emerging market of LNG transportation.